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Floor Heating Auckland

is a division of Trilect Services Ltd.

Floor Heating Auckland stocks the full range of world leading electric underfloor heating products to suit all your heating needs, for all floor coverings. With expertise in electric floor heating systems, Floor Heating Auckland can provide the most effective and efficient heating solution for your project.

From the superior twin conducting cable of the electric floor heating systems to the quality components used in each system, Floor Heating Auckland has the commitment to design superior installations which meet the needs of their customers.

Floor Heating Auckland using Livella’s underfloor heating products.

An Energetic Website

Pete invited Blue Origin to assist them redesign their desktop and mobile site.

We started by setting Floor Heating Auckland tone of voice – energetic, fast, passionate.

For the look of the website, we aim for something that clean and modern but also warm, caring, family – friendly company image.



Peter McInally.

Trilect Services Ltd
Owner & Managing Director

And How Did It Goes?

“Daniel has been working on our websites for over 5 years and has made 7 different websites for different items we do in the electrical trade. These range from automatic gate sites, solar, commercial electrical and underfloor heating.

With Daniel’s help with our websites, our catalogues and brochures we have doubled the size of our company in 3 short years, we have gone from 13 in our team to 28. Our gate website brings us 6 to 8 leads a week, our solar brings in 4 to 7 inquiries a week and the electrical (especially in fan installations for bathrooms) brings us 6 to 8 leads a week. When we add the underfloor heating leads and the like it has made us very busy and we have expanded quickly. Daniel also works on landing pages which are used for quick searches on products that then link to our website and remarketing which is another source of online marketing. When we first started using Daniel I found it very hard to justify the money and the costs and kept thinking of the advertising as an overhead. With very small budgets set on google adwords, she drove our website from page 4 to page 1 on the solar website in less than 3 months.

We are now at the point that we tell Daniel to “sort it out”, and she does it, she makes the final calls and organizes what we require, this is the amount of trust we now have with her services. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone and frequently do. If you are looking for someone that knows what they are doing then Daniel is the person for the job.”

Services used on this project

Responsive Design ,  UI Design ,  UX Design ,  Website Design ,  Website Development.

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