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In 2018, Freestyle Interior Started.

Freestyle Interior is a renovation company that offers topnotch services to every part of Auckland. The company offer different services including home extensions and renovations, and furthermore, our renovation services include carpentry, decorating, painting, and electrical.

Modern, Sleek and Effective Website

We got contacted by Allen, Freestyle Interior director in order to create a modern, sleek looking website but can show off the company’s services clearly to the client. The build took 7 weeks and since then, the company hits the ground running.

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Allen Wang.

Freestyle Interior Ltd
Owner & Managing Director

The Website Completed After 7 Weeks.

“Honestly, very rarely I write a review with my opinion or experience but now I have the intention to help people who want to be successful in the online business, first you need to know what you want, second how do you want it to look your project and what effect you want to achieve in the market, and thirdly save time and money and hire the right team for the job. After searching and dealing with different designers and developers without success, I finally found Blue Origin and after that, everything considers done. I love the fact that I can just call Daniel anytime I need anything, and she always takes care of it for me. Customer service is professional and friendly. I am very happy with the results and I would recommend the team to anyone trying to build a business website. I am honored to be able to express my deep gratitude for Blue Origin expertise.”

Services used on this project

Responsive Design ,  UI Design ,  UX Design ,  Website Design ,  Website Development.

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